DIY Dog Neck Warmers from Upcycled Winter Accessories

As the weather starts to warm up over the next couple of months the mittens, hats and scarves will get packed away for another year and traded in for shorts and sundresses. While your going through your old clothes and sorting through some of the stuff you don’t want anymore consider keeping a few pieces around to upcycle into some cute dog accessories.

 If you have an old hat lying around you can simply snip off the top to make a neck warmer for your pup.

You can flip the loose edge over so that it doesn’t fray and then simply slide it over her head

Luna refuses to part with her bone. Even when we go for a run!

If you have a knit scarf on hand you can do the same thing but cut the scarf to the correct length to fit your dogs neck and then weave some yarn through the holes to “sew” it into one loop.

lookin’ oh so stylish!

The possibilities are endless. What fun stuff can you upcycle for your pets?

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