The "Proper" Way to Cut a Pomegranate

A while ago I made a strange impulse buy at the grocery store. Pomegranates. They were 2 for $1.50 and I couldn’t resist. I’d never actually bought a pomegranate before and it wasn’t until I got it home that I realized that I had no idea how to eat it, let alone how to cut it open. So for those of you who find yourself lured in by the pomegranates alluring shape, bright color or low low price and have no idea how to get the darn thing open without making a big juicy purple stained mess, this post is for you.

Step 1: If you are wearing any light colored clothing change and remove anything from the cutting board area you do not want to get stained.  With a sharp knife cut the “nub” off the pom.

Step 2: Score around the perimeter of  the pom and lightly slice it into a “X”

Step 3: Fill a bowl with cold water and put the pom in upside down. Pull apart the the four sections of the pom. The little seeds with fall right out and sink to the bottom of the bowl. Any seeds that are stuck can be easily pulled out. The white fleshy bits of the fruit will float to the top of the water and you can skim them off.

Step 4: Strain the seeds and enjoy! You can add the seeds to a salad, hot cereal or just eat them by themselves.

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