Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

It seems most women have an obsession over their hair. A constant love/ hate battle. I am no exception. For the most part it seems like less love and more hate. I’ve always had greasy hair. Like abnormally greasy to the point  where I HAVE to wash my hair every single day in order for it to not look like it’s covered in oil. I’ve tried everything to try to control the oil. Special shampoos, hair masks, the “no poo” method, alcohol based sprays to absorb the oil. Nothing has worked for me. I have been told that in order to reduce the oil I should be washing my hair less. Over washing strips the hair of the natural oils and  then my scalp will try to overcompensate by producing more oil. It’s a vicious cycle. Supposedly, if I start washing every second day then eventually my hair will gradually produce less oil and I won’t look like a 50’s greaser the second day in.  I  thought this was one of those beauty tips you read in magazines that doesn’t actually work in real life but a friend of mine said that it actually worked for her and that I just needed to suffer through the second day without washing for a while and eventually my hair would be less greasy. I have been trying this for a few weeks now and I’m still not sure if I believe her but I’m going to keep on trying. I started a new hair washing schedule where I wash my hair Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The next morning my hair always looks good but the morning of my hair washing day it has been a terrible, terrible mess.  I absolutely have to have my hair back in a ponytail and I’m paranoid all day that people at work are noticing and judging my greasy hair.  I thought about buying a powdered “dry” shampoo that you sprinkle in your hair. It absorbs the oil and you just brush it out, no water required. Since I am cheap and like to reuse products I already have around the house I figured there was a way I could make my own dry shampoo.
My results have been surprisingly good. Check out the following recipes:
For blonde’s or people with gray or white hair:
You can use baby powder, cornstarch or even ground up oatmeal.  Sprinkle a little at your roots and brush out with a natural bristle comb. If you have darker hair and try to use one of these white powders you will end up with gray hair. Its very hard to get ALL the powder out. If you are blonde or have light hair you won’t see the powder but with darker hair you will and people will  notice and give you strange looks.

For redheads (like me!) I have been using cinnamon and/ or nutmeg. It makes my hair smell yummy and worked unbelievably well. The grease is GONE. It looks like I washed my hair the days that I use the dry shampoo. Amazing! You could also use a loose bronzing powder for the face.  Anything ginger colored will work. Just make sure it smells nice. Cinnamon = good. Curry powder = bad unless you want to smell like curry, then go right ahead.

Brunettes and ladies with black hair. Cocoa powder works well or you could try very finely ground coffee (just make sure you brush it out really well)

 So basically the idea is to sprinkle a powder onto your roots that is close to your hair color. Then brush the powder off and you are left with less greasy hair. You can also grind in some herbs like lavender or rosemary or even loose tea. Or do a combination of one of the powders I mentioned above with ground up oatmeal or almonds. If you have a coffee grinder you can grind up the nuts and herbs until they are a fine powder and mix them in.

You can also make a spray to freshen up your hair. Take a clean empty spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oil and fill the rest with water . Shake it up and spritz over your hair to make it smell nice.

 Have fun, experiment and remember it’s only hair. No matter what you do to it, it will always grow back. Um.. hopefully !

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2 Responses to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

  1. Kate says:

    your friend is right about the overwashing. i've been doing “no poo” for about 3 months now. my hair isn't insanely greasy, but i used to have to wash every day if i wanted it to look fresh. the first month or so of “no poo” was hard. my hair would seem clean, but i could tell it was greasy at the roots. now 3 months later, i cna go weeks without shampooing and it's not greasy at all. i use the baking soda-water mix for my shampoo, and then apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of essential oils for smell. i LOVE my hair now. it feels fuller, shinier and i don't have to buy shampoo anymore. i love it.


  2. Thanks for sharing Kate. I think you have inspired me to give No Poo another chance!


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