Recycled Bottles Before and After

Here is a simple way  to up cycle some old glass bottles and old paint into flower vases. The inspiration comes from Canadian House and Home and Martha Stewart.  Basically the idea is to take clear glass bottles that would otherwise be thrown out or recycled and paint the inside. This gives it color but leaves the outside with nice shiny glass.
I collected some bottles that were camping out in my fridge and cupboard.
 A soy sauce bottle with about a teaspoon of sauce left, an old iced tea container, two  olive oil bottles
 and a little bottle that had previously had spices in it.


 The gray paint I used was left over from painting one of the bedrooms. Honestly, for this project, I think white would have looked nicer but I didn’t have any white paint left, so gray it was.
 Simply pour the paint into each of the bottles and shake it up so that the entire interior is covered. Having the original lid comes in handy with this part but you could stick a cork in it or some bunched up paper towel.
Once the inside is covered pour out the extra paint and let dry. It’s going to take a few days to dry  especially if the mouth of the bottle is small, so just put the bottles somewhere warm and forget about them for a few days.


The Martha method suggests using ceramic paint and baking the glass so that the paint will hold up over time and the vases will be dishwasher safe but to me that defeats the purpose of using up old materials.  I’m curious to see how these hold up over time filled with water

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