Succulents- the Black Thumb Gardeners Dream

Oh how I love succulents! I know, I know, you’re seeing them everywhere lately- but I can’t help writing about them. They are so easy to take care of. You don’t need to worry about remembering to water them, Just stick ’em in a sunny spot and you are good to go.
I just bought this new little guy a short while ago

I  have had a terrarium of succulents growing for the past few months. I bought this giant glass bowl from Winners (Canadian version of Ross) a few years ago and previously used it as a fishbowl for my beta. Now it makes a great terrarium. The plants were $4 or less each from Home Depot and I already had the container so it was very inexpensive. I always get compliments when friends who come over see it.
 If you are setting up a terrarium for succulents you want to make sure you choose a glass bowl that is not fully enclosed. Succulents do not like moisture and they need to breath!
Did you know that you can grow your own succulents? It’s so easy. Sometimes I notice a leaf or two that have fallen off one of the plants in my terrarium. Just pick it out, plunk it down in a small container with some dirt and watch it grow!
 I’ve heard its good to soak the roots for a few days in water before you re-plant but I have not tried this yet and so far the little babies are doing just fine. Do you have succulents in your home? What are your favorite low maintenance indoor plants?
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One Response to Succulents- the Black Thumb Gardeners Dream

  1. Nueyer says:

    That's a pretty terrarium!


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