Happy Hour: The Accidental Tequila Sunrise

I meant to make a Shirley Temple. I accidentally made a Tequila Sunrise.  We had some grenadine in the cupboard that we got on sale a few weeks ago on clearance. I was thinking about what I could make with it. Then I remembered, Shirley Temples! I used to drink those every time my family went to Swiss  Chalet when I was a kid. I looked up the ingredients: ginger ale, orange juice, grenadine.  That didn’t seem like the Shirley Temple I remembered. I’m sure the drinks I was served at the Chalet by waitresses dressed in strange frilly Swiss maiden outfits were just 7up and grenadine garnished with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry skewered onto one of those little plastic swords.  However, I wanted to make it the “proper” way.  When I got home from the grocery store I realized I forgot the ginger ale. I did remember the OJ though. So I poured a little grenadine over the ice. It was a Sunday afternoon and it was nice and hot out I added a shot of tequila  for the heck of it. Then I topped it off with some OJ.  Funny thing was it actually looked really pretty! The orange and red were mixing together  resembling a  fiery, blazing- you guessed it- sunrise!  Then I looked at the side of grenadine label. It had directions for making a tequila sunrise using the exact ingredients I had just half hazardly put together. Weird huh?  Here is the official ingredients and measurements for making a Tequila sunrise:

3 parts Tequila
6 parts orange juice
1 part grenadine

Pour the tequila and orange juice into glass over ice. Add the grenadine, which will sink to the bottom. Do not stir. Garnish and serve.

And if what you really want to make is a Shirley Temple, this is how you make it:
2 parts ginger ale
1 part orange juice
Splash of grenadine

Or you can use lemon lime soda, with or without orange juice.  Add some booze and then you’ve got a “Dirty Shirley”

Cheers! Happy mixing!

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