The Cabinet

My parents are moving and my mom gave me this cabinet they no longer need. I want to paint it but I can’t decide what exactly to do with it. My walls are baby blue and the floor is beige/tan faux slate tile. I have a lot of white furniture. I was thinking of painting it white and adding new knobs but I might do something crazy like do the whole thing in silver leaf or paint it a really bright color. Any suggestions?

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4 Responses to The Cabinet

  1. Well, my suggestion was going to be white, but since you already have a lot of that color, do something fun. Yellow could look really great with your blue walls.


  2. I think yellow would look nice. If I don't like it I can always paint over it white!


  3. Hoynotmanana says:

    Personally I say DON'T PAINT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE! I think it's fantastic how it is!


  4. For real? Or are you just pulling my leg? The cabinet looked alright at my moms place but it definitely does not fit my style. It's too country. It's just sitting in the living room waiting for me to be inspired enough to get out a paintbrush


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