Straw Bale Garden Update

Well, spring is rolling along nicely and there’s lots of blooms about to burst in the garden. Back in March I set up my straw bale garden. You can click on the links to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the set up if you missed them previously.
 Part 1 the Prep

Part 2: Sowing seeds and the greenhouse effect

One thing I wasn’t expecting when I started the garden was that there would be weeds sprouting. I used good quality (or so the feed store told me it was good quality) soil and wasn’t counting on things sprouting that were not my vegetables. I can only guess that there were weeds because I used manure from the barn and compost from my bin. When the first seedlings started sprouting I had no idea what was a weed and what was a vegetable seed that I had planted. I decided to just let grow a little bigger and that hopefully I would be able to tell what was what. I got home from vacation and lifted the window off the top of the bale and this is what was underneath

Yikes!!!!! I plucked out most of what I knew for sure were weeds. I can identify the beet seedlings but so far that about it. Now I’ve got to try to google what seedlings for the rest of the vegetables are supposed to look like so I don’t weed the wrong plants.
  Has anyone else had this happen? I was expecting things to go a little more smoothly with this garden. I will post an update once I get this all sorted out!

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8 Responses to Straw Bale Garden Update

  1. I have never seen a straw bale garden… very cool!


  2. Kala says:

    Yes, very cool indeed. Good luck with sorting it all out:)


  3. I know that manure will have lots of weed seeds if not composted in a “hot” compost pile. Good luck with the project!


  4. soapdeli says:

    Interesting set up! I've never seen anyone garden this way before. Sorry you have weeks. I can never seem to escape them either.


  5. Anonymous says:

    We have discovered that not only the manure, but even the soils, and humus that we purchased had weeds in it. We had been planting weeds in our beds for years!


  6. More than like the weeds came from the manure in the barn. Whatever your farm animals eat passes through the manure thus weed seed. The manure has to be “cooked” to kill the weed seeds. It's a chore and more time-saving to buy potting soil and mix with your compost.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Used straw from what I were assured were “clean” bales as mulch in one of my organic raised bed gardens. They introduced a MULTITUDE of weed seeds into the bed that took a year of vigilance to overcome. None of the other beds in my garden developed the problem. I decided straw was a really bad idea. The use of the bales is probably the cause of the problem above – perhaps sealing the bales up in black plastic would solve the problem.


  8. Unknown says:

    yes HEAT helps kill the seed, black plastic or even the window over your garden bed BEFORE you sow, then you know everything is likely not wanted, you can lightly turn 1st and second seedlings to expose the roots to sun/ heat and it will kill off a great deal of unwanted seedlings. It is ever the bain of gardening. But still fun to play in the dirt !! 🙂


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