Flowers on The Forest Floor

I saw a pleasant surprise this afternoon when I took my dogs out for their walk in the woods near my house. Dozens of flowers had bloomed on the forest floor. I think these are Trillium but I am not 100% certain. These pretty blooms show up every year about this time. Just in time for Easter. So pretty!

Funny story, as I was squatting down trying to get these shots I didn’t notice my sweatpants had slipped down a little resulting in the wardrobe malfunction commonly known as Plumber Butt. Normally Plumber Butt is not an issue when you are alone in the woods with no other humans in sight. However when the flowers you are kneeling in happen to be surrounded by stinging nettle, you have a problem!

Yowza! If you’ve ever encountered stinging nettle on bare skin you will know my pain! Note to self for next time wear a belt and watch out for those evil little plants!

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One Response to Flowers on The Forest Floor

  1. Michael says:

    Those are indeed trillium


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