A Tiny Birds Nest

A found this little birds nest a while back in my front yard garden.

It’s actually really tiny and stuck low to the ground in a tree stump.

The stumps used to be completely surrounded by tall grass and other plants last summer. I cleared away the messy garden last fall but didn’t notice the nest for quite some time.

I wonder what other little treasures are hiding out in the garden?

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9 Responses to A Tiny Birds Nest

  1. Oh, it's so LITTLE! I wonder if it's for hummingbirds.


  2. Oh wow that's so cool! You have a great eye! I don't know if I would have noticed something that small! hehe


  3. It's always exciting finding things like that in the garden.


  4. ElfRenee says:

    That's so cute!! And that's some amazing moss!


  5. @ ElfRenee The moss around here grows like crazy everywhere!

    @Paige My husband found a humming birds nest once and it was even tinier! The baby birds were like the size of a fingernail!


  6. i killed a baby bird in its nest and it is the nest in the picture RIP BIRD ?


  7. The birds nest was abandoned before I cleared the weeds around it away. No birds were harmed in the making of this blog post


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