Random Robins Egg

Well what do we have here? A tiny bright blue robins egg in the garden. The shell was already cracked and it looked like the baby bird had already busted himself outta there. I leaned in real close to get a nice photo of the egg and then this happened:

One of my dogs stepped on it with her fat paws. Thanks for ruining it Doug! Strangely enough I couldn’t find any little nests in the lilac tree above it or the rest of the shell anywhere in the garden. These little garden treasures seem to appear out of nowhere!

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2 Responses to Random Robins Egg

  1. Jaci Walker says:

    I have never seen a blue egg before.

    I have a giveaway on my blog. I would love it if you could please check it out. Link to giveaway here!



  2. Janet says:

    That is beautiful, and glad the baby bird escaped before your dog found it!! My dad has hummingbirds nesting in the eaves by his front door every year–the kids get a real kick out of it.


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