Straw Bale Garden- Mid Season Lessons Learned

Beautiful Beets
The bale before planting

So last time we checked in with my straw bale garden project there were some major weed issues going on. Sadly, I had to pluck out most of what was growing and plant some veggie starts from the garden center.

Crazy Carrots

The beets and carrots I started from seed directly into the soil were doing great. The rest of it all, not so great. I had to weed out pretty much everything else. That’s okay though, never one to give up I planted brussels sprouts, lettuce and swiss chard starts into the soil.

Lovely Lettuce

Things seem to be thriving now. I still have some onions and different lettuce varieties to transplant into the soil

Bounty of Brussels Sprouts

Up top in the straw bale portion there were more lessons to be learned. I had tried to direct sow lettuce seeds right into the straw. I couldn’t figure out why nothing was sprouting. Then I realized all the birds out on my front lawn probably ate them all. So I went ahead and planted some lettuce starts into the straw bale.

Radiant Red Leaf Lettuce

Some survived, some did not. I’m sure a few got plucked out by rabbits (since they disappeared)  and a few just died which is to be expected.

My strawberry patch is growing quite nicely too. I have 10 plants on the go with tiny berries forming

So to summarize, mistakes made that shall not be made again:

  • Only use manure that has been hot composted or your garden will be overrun with WEEDS
  • Direct seed  sowing  is best for root veggies, other veggies should be started indoors in seed trays (duh. I should know this but you know, I seem to always do things the hard way)
  • Protect your little plants from wildlife and bugs. They will get gobbled up! 

I’m sure a lot of new gardeners make these kinds of mistakes. But there’s only one way to learn right? So, what have you got growing? Care to share any successes or failures in the comments?

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One Response to Straw Bale Garden- Mid Season Lessons Learned

  1. Great tips. Thank you! I am just now researching this. I've looked into so many types of gardening lately (Lasagna, Back to Eden, Straw Bale) just to name a few. I ended up doing raised bed on one side of my garden for now in hopes of turning it into a Back to Eden garden in the long run and would like to try straw bale on the opposite side where I have more weeds that I really would like to just cover up and get on with planting. This looks like a great option. Thanks again for the tips!


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