Freaks of Nature

My hubby found this last week when he was mowing the lawn. SO odd isn’t it? It seems to be a dozen dandelions fused together into one super mutant dandelion.

He carefully mowed around it so that he could show me and we could take pictures of it. What a freaky looking thing.

I recently wrote posts about how to “get revenge” on dandelions by making tea out of the roots and salad out of the leaves. I guess the dandelions found out what I was up to and decided to show me who’s boss, by turning into the super freaky mammoth weed! Luckily this dandelion ended up shriveling up and dying instead of taking over the lawn.
Ever find some weird freaks of nature in your yard?

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5 Responses to Freaks of Nature

  1. Crazy!! That Dandelion showed you!


  2. Lulu Grey says:

    Yeah – that is totally a muntant plant.


  3. ElfRenee says:

    That's amazing! And so amusing that he carefully mowed around it. 🙂


  4. Sher says:

    That is odd. They say Mother Nature makes no mistakes but where was her mind when she was creating that one?


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