Uses for Coffee in the Garden

I start every morning pretty much the same way, with a strong cup of  coffee. It’s not really by choice. I am hopelessly addicted to caffeine and can barely function without it.  A big pot almost every single day really adds up to a lot of grounds and filters used up over time. There are a ton of ways you can reuse old coffee grounds and today I am going to share ways you can use up old coffee in you garden. Coffee is rich in nitrogen, minerals and vitamins and can help to grow healthy plants and prevent pests.  So, stop throwing old coffee grounds in the trash and read on to learn how to coffee can benefit your garden.

Acid Loving Plants That Do Well With an Extra Jolt of Coffee

  • Roses
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries
  • Azaleas 
  • Rhododendrons
  • Hydrangeas

 In Your Compost 

You can toss your coffee grounds and filter all right into your compost. You can compost tea bags too!
We actually use an old plastic coffee tub to hold our compost scraps until I toss them into the outdoor compost bin. I have an indoor worm compost bin as well. Contrary to popular belief earthworms don’t like to eat old coffee grounds. If you have been composting coffee in your worm bin chances are all the “dirt” you see in the bin is just un-composted grounds the worms didn’t want to eat

Mylo decided to hop into to my worm composing bin as I was setting it up for the first time.

As Fertilizer

  • Mix grounds into new vegetable beds before planting. Veggies love coffee!
  • Mix a half pound of coffee grounds with water in a 5 gallon bucket and let it sit for 24 hours. Use it to water your plants.
  • If you have left over coffee in the pot mix it with water and use that to water your plants.
  • Sprinkle dry grounds around your plants before you are expecting rain to slowly release nitrogen into the soil
My straw bale garden prepped and ready for planting earlier this season

For Pest Control

  • Make a mixture of coffee and eggshells and spread it in a circle around your plants. It will prevent slugs and other plants from chowing down on your veggies.
  • Make an extra strong pot of coffee and let it cool. Spritz it where slugs like to roam. Slugs don’t like caffeine, as they travel over it, the caffeine is absorbed into their skin and will poison them.
  • Deter ants with coffee grounds, sprinkle wherever you want to keep the ants away. They won’t cross over the coffee.
  • Sprinkling grounds in your garden will prevent cats from using it as their personal litter box.
My beets nearly ready for harvest protected by eggshells and coffee

Want to Change the Color of your Hydrangea Flowers?

Want to turn your pink hydrangea’s blue?  Mulch with coffee and use some of the methods above to water your hydrangeas with coffee. The change in the PH of the soil will change the color from pink to blue.

Have you tried using coffee in your garden? Share your tips in the comments!

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