Found Objects: Tiny Frog

There aren’t many chores I dislike more than mowing the lawn. Except maybe laundry. Or emptying the dishwasher. Or vacuuming. I really hate vacuuming. The only good thing about mowing the lawn is that my neighbor’s cow will come up to the fence and moo “hello.”

We don’t know the name of the cow so we just call her “Moo” She like to eat handfuls fresh cut grass whenever we mow the lawn.
So as I was mowing the other day Moo made her appearance and I gave her a few good pets and then I looked down and saw this little guy hopping by:

I’ve never seen a frog hopping around here before so it was a fun treat. I scooped him up from the grass and placed him on the plastic hutch we are using as a dog house so I could take some pics. Then, as quickly as he appeared he hopped off into the jungle of weeds I call my backyard. Hopefully that was not the last I will see of him.

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6 Responses to Found Objects: Tiny Frog

  1. Well, those are good reasons to mow the lawn! Moo looks like a real sweetie and that frog is adorable. I've got a frog/toad that keeps burrowing in my herbs. He's fun, but he sure does make a mess.


  2. ElfRenee says:

    Aww, what a sweet cow! An such an adorable frog!


  3. Janet says:

    My kids would LOVE to have a cow next door!


  4. Hey, little guy! Hopefully he hops out of the grass so there isn't a tragic accident with the mower. I'd be nervous.


  5. Lubna says:

    He is a cute guy. I'd name him Jumpy.


  6. haha, yes jumpy would be a fitting name! Hope to see more of him but definitely not near the mower!


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