Found Objects: Vintage Lunchboxes

 It all started with The Fall Guy. I was going through some of my husbands old childhood stuff when I came across his old lunchbox. I pulled it out of storage and he mentioned there were more lunchboxes lost somewhere and if I could find them I could use them. Well, I love a good treasure hunt so off I went searching for more vintage boxes. I was able to find a Mc Donalds and a Masters of  the Universe lunchbox as well. 

Well then I started looking on Etsy and Ebay for more lunchboxes and I can honestly say I’m getting kind of addicted! There are a ton of fun and cute vintage lunchboxes for sale. I snatched up this Popples box:

This is my go-to lunch box for everyday use. I was a huge Popples fan when I was a little kid. I get so many compliments from people who like my lunchboxes.

I also use this Sesame Street box a lot too:

The fact that my lunchboxes are eco friendly is an added bonus. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t take life to seriously, and especially not my lunch. Work can really suck sometimes so it’s nice to have something fun and nostalgic to lighten the mood and put a smile on my face.

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4 Responses to Found Objects: Vintage Lunchboxes

  1. I love the Popples lunch box! I agree, it's something as simple as a fun lunch box, that brings a smile to your face during a hellish work day that makes a difference.


  2. Awesome storage solutions! I have a Rosie the Riveter lunch box (granted, it's not vintage) and I love it.


  3. Stela says:

    hahaha! those are excellent! especially he-man!


  4. Cheryl says:

    Love vintage lunchboxes! Used to have a tin Bionic Woman lunchbox 🙂 I even dedicated a blog post to it,


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