A Pig Tale

This tale has been four days in the making. Up until a few hours ago I didn’t know if it would end up being a comedy or a tragedy. I’m happy to report this story does indeed have a happy ending.
I wanted a cute pig for a pet. My husband who had pigs before as pets when he was a  kid informed me that  what we wanted was a pot bellied pig. Other pigs get too big and since this pig would be a pet and not food a pot bellied was the way to go.

Off to Craigslist I went and posted a wanted ad for a little pig. Pot bellies used to be popular around here but not so much lately. People want meat pigs and not pet pigs.  A full week went by before I had any response. Finally I got an email from a nice man who had friends that lived near us who had “accidentally” ended up with 15 piglets. I guess there was some sort of issue with the male pig busting out of his pen and rendezvousing with the 3 lady pigs.  Since they obviously didn’t need 15 pet pigs, they were going to raise them for meat.  My Craigslist friend arranged for my husband and I to meet up with the pig people and take home a couple of pigs (because just one little piggy by himself would get lonely.)

We chose our piglets and headed home and let our three dogs have a little sniff of them in the living room. Everyone was getting along and chilling out for about a half an hour so we decided to move everyone outside.  Then, as the pigs stepped off the back porch and onto the grass my dogs suddenly decided out of nowhere that it was fun to chase the little pigs and scare them off. The pigs bolted and it turns out our fenced back yard is not as secure are we thought. The pigs were small enough that they could fit through the panels on one side and run off into the blackberry bushes where we couldn’t get them.  They hid in the blackberry rambles and my husband managed to catch the little gray pig. The black one was still on the loose.  We tried luring it with food and calling it but it wouldn’t come out. Little pigs are amazingly fast. It’s like trying to catch a bunny rabbit. It’s insanely difficult.

After hours of chasing the black one unsuccessfully my husband had to leave to go to the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys concert in Vancouver with an old friend (real men are not afraid to show their love for boy bands)  So I was left alone running all over the farm trying to catch the damn pig. Finally when I gave up on the little black pig I walked back to my yard to find the little gray pig out in my front yard!  He had got out of the dog kennel where we were holding him! Now I had 2 piggy’s on the loose and no way of rounding them up. They were too fast. I spent the next two days running around the farm like a idiot with a giant fishing net trying to get them.  I tried to attract them by making pig “grunts” but it just sounded like a bad Beavis and Butthead impression.

 So here is where the story gets weird. Monday night my husband, who is in band, had a gig. He got home about 3am after I had already gone to bed. I could hear him outside our bedroom window rustling around calling out at something. I thought he got the pigs rounded up and I was excited. He finally came to bed and proclaimed, “I found a goat on the driveway. It’s in the backyard. Don’t let the dogs back there”
 WTF? So  we lost two pigs and a random angora goat magically appeared.  In the morning  I was up at 6am watching this strange goat on the back porch when I spotted  the two little piggy’s in the corner of the yard! I woke my husband up and corned the pigs and finally we caught the little black pig. So the black pig was transferred to the master bathroom for the time being where it was safe from dogs and other things but we still had the other  pig missing and a random goat to deal with.

While I was at work my husband called around to local vets and the auction barn to find the goats owner but had no luck. That evening a random truck rolled down the driveway with a woman and her daughter who called out to us “Have you seen a stray goat?” Why yes, we had! It was safely secured in our dog pen. So it turns out they had gotten the goat a few days before and the goat jumped a 6ft fence and ran away about 3 or 4 houses  until my husband caught it.  The goat owners hadn’t been able to find their goat so they just started driving around town asking people if they found it. We asked the goat owners if they happened to see any little pigs around and oddly enough they told us our other neighbors  had seen my pigs the day before.

So the goat had been returned to it’s rightful owners and we had one pig in captivity but the other pig was still on the loose. We decided to hop in the car and drive around to the other neighbors houses. Keep in mind that we live on about 20 acres and had been combing it looking for the gray pig.  So the fact that others had seen our pigs meant they were traveling pretty far. We talked to a few people and gave them our phone number but everyone had only seen the pigs the previous day. No recent sightings.  I was really worried a coyote had gotten her or she had just traveled so far that we wouldn’t see her again.

Flash forward to Wednesday morning.  My husband texted me while I was at work to say there had been pig sightings all day but they still couldn’t catch her.  Finally when I got home from work we managed to re-secure the back yard  and place the black pig in her crate to attract the gray pig.  When the gray pig went up to greet her sister we corned her and nabbed her. Finally! After four days we got her safe and sound.
So for now the pigs are living inside the house away from my dogs until they can get socialized properly. Eventually  they will be living in a hutch in the back yard.

Clementine on the left Tubsy on the right

So if you made it to the end of this epic pig tale thanks for reading. Without further ado meet Clementine (black pig) and Tubsimoo (gray pig) . My husband named Tubsimoo, He’s a little bit of a odd man if you didn’t get that impression already from the New Kids/ Backstreet Boys comment.  I will just call her Tubsy!

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7 Responses to A Pig Tale

  1. Awww!! Tubsy and Clementine are so cute! You have me so curious about pigs as pets. I'm glad you finally have them both safe and sound!


  2. Hi Tiffany. They are snuggled up to each other sleeping right now. So cute. I'll write another post soon about pigs as pets as there may be others curious as well


  3. ElfRenee says:

    Teehee, giant fishing net… Awesome story! They are the cutest piglets ever!!


  4. cerise122 says:

    I am literally laughing out loud, what an amazing/hilarious/random/weird story! thank you for sharing, it made my day 🙂


  5. @ ElfRenee Thanks! Pig tipping is quite fun. The piggy's like to have their bellies scratched and they flop over onto their side because it feels so good

    @Cerise122 I'm glad my story made you smile 🙂


  6. AsteropeBC says:

    Awesome story telling! I read your post to my youngest son – he really enjoyed it! The random goat made us laugh… I'm glad you found your pigs.


  7. @AsteropeBC Thanks! That random goat was the weirdest thing! Luckily since my mother in law raises pygmy goats we are well equipped to handle goat visitors!


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