Guest Blogging at Small Measure

Hi Everyone,  hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday. Welcome to everyone visiting from Small Measure blog!

Today you can catch me guest blogging over at Small Measure. I wrote a post about Vermicomposting (composing with worms) and Ashley graciously agreed to post it.

Ashley English of Small Measure is the writer of the Homemade Living series of books which include one of my favorites, Keeping Chickens.
Head on over to learn about vermicomposting and thanks again to Ashley for sharing  on her blog!

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4 Responses to Guest Blogging at Small Measure

  1. Lindsey says:

    Love this article! My outdoor compost is getting a little boring, think I might try something new. Did you make your own bin or buy? Would love to see pics if you made your own. Thanks :o)


  2. Thanks Lindsey. The one I use right now is the Worm Factory bin, it was a gift. I plan to make a DIY one soon so stayed tuned as I will post the tutorial in the next couple of weeks!


  3. Dita Maulani says:

    Oh! This is great tip for green living!
    Unfortunately I don't have enough time for this. Gaaah.. It's out of topic but the worms in the first picture looks amazing 🙂



  4. Thanks Dita! Honestly though, after the initial set up worm composting takes little to no maintence. Don't let the thought of it being time consuming put you off 🙂


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