Blackberry Invasion

It’s blackberry season. Almost. Blackberries don’t usually ripen until the end of August/ early September in our neck of the woods. When I was out for a walk today I noticed that some of the berries were ready for picking.

The berries line the entire property pretty much. They grow like weeds. I’ve written before how stinging nettle as well as dandelion grow like weeds around these parts. It’s true except dandelion is an actual weed, stinging nettle is just a literal thorn in my side and blackberries… Well they are delicious. I have no complaints about blackberries.

As you can see from these photos there are about a gazillion berries growing. Multiply what you see in the photos by about a thousand and that is how many berries are growing around the property.

Some are still in flower form.

Many are in various stages of ripeness ( I don’t know if ripeness is a real word? )

But there are a few plump juicy ones ready for pickin’.

My dog is totally photo bombing this pic 🙂

I managed to get a small bowlful. I made a delicious smoothie. I blended them with soy milk, pineapple juice, protein powder and some hulled hemp seeds. YUM! (it tasted better than it sounds)
Did you know blackberries have higher antioxidants that almost any other berry? They are really nutritious. Which is great because I am planning on making blackberry pies, and jam and smoothies and just about anything you can stick a blackberry in.
I’ll have another post coming up soon with berry picking tips.
Have you done any berry picking this summer?

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6 Responses to Blackberry Invasion

  1. ElfRenee says:

    Wow, that's a lot of berries!


  2. I LOVE blackberries! Snacked on some today 🙂


  3. Yum! I love blackberries! We picked blueberries in Vermont this summer for pancakes!


  4. Kanelstrand says:

    Yes, blackberries are used in antioxidant tablets for the ones who don't have them fresh at hand. But let me tell you how surprised I was, looking at your header today in my Google Reader, I wondered why on Earth would you like to talk of Blackberry phones?!! Haha, I sighed a sigh of relief when i saw the photos 🙂


  5. Haha, that would be so random and off topic from what I usually talk about on here LOL


  6. weird amiga says:

    So plump!
    I just realized I have never seen blackberries in their natural element… Aw.


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