My Second, Second Anniversary

last week was the second anniversary of my wedding in Canada. Yesterday was the anniversary of my wedding in Las Vegas. My husband and I decided that we wanted to get married by Elvis and have our honeymoon in Las Vegas. Since most of our family and friends wouldn’t be able to join us we also had a wedding in Canada for them to attend.

If you ever thought about getting married by Elvis in Vegas. DO IT. It was so much fun. The ceremony was at the Graceland Chapel (Bon Jovi got married there apparently) and it cost about $200 (plus pictures or whatever else you want to add on to the package you choose)

It’s funny because once you are off the strip in Vegas all there is are bail bond offices and wedding chapels. Seriously. Oh and strip clubs.

Elvis walked me down the aisle singing “Fools Rush In.”  He was a total pro. He mentioned he does 20-40 weddings a day!! Elvis does not have the proper license (at least when we were there) to perform legal weddings, he does mostly vow renewals. We had another minister at the chapel do a quick 2 minute marriage ceremony for us and then right away had Elvis renew our vows.

We bought the DVD of the ceremony which my mom posted on YouTube right away. Our video happens to have a ton of views which is really odd. I think it’s because Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob used to date a girl named Adrienne. and if you google “Rob and Adrienne Wedding” our video comes up. Which is hilarious because obviously we are not the D-list reality show couple!

We celebrated our second, second anniversary with a nice dinner at the Olive Garden and then I passed out on the couch for the rest of the night as soon as we got home LOL.
Well, it’s Friday which means it’s almost the weekend. Hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

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3 Responses to My Second, Second Anniversary

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    Now, that was THE MOST HILARIOUS wedding! Thank you for sharing such a personal moment, which was fun, on top of that! Hahahaha! I really hope your life together has been and will be filled with so much and even more humor!



  2. Thanks! It really was a ton of fun. And I'm glad that some of our family members could be there too. My parents, sister and brother in law came as well as some of my husbands family from Cali. Good times!


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