Man Vs. the Mountain

This is Mount Baker. At 10,778 ft. it’s the third highest mountain in Washington State. It is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano. Or, it’s a big volcano covered in glaciers.
A couple of weeks ago my husband Rob and my sisters boyfriend Stephane decided to climb Mount Baker. The climb to the top is supposed to take two days. They did it in one. It was Rob’s fourth climb and Stephane’s first. Whenever Rob climbs this mountain it freaks me out. Someone actually died climbing it earlier this year. Luckily they made it back safely and in one piece. Rob tore something in his knee at one point in the climb and has been trying to heal ever since. No serious injuries thankfully. He took lot’s of pics along the way. Here’s the photographic proof I am married to a crazy person.
Let’s go climb a mountain with Rob and Stephane!

Stephane feeling jazzed at the start of the climb

The climb starts at base camp and then you have to hike for about a million hours. There’s forest, then snow, then ice and snow, then ice snow and crevasses.

This is a crevasse. It doesn’t look like much but if you fall in it you will die. Or end up in China.  

The Peak

 They started hiking at about 9pm and climbed all night. By the time the sun rose they reached the top. Look at that view! It must be lovely to be above the clouds.

More views of the peak from down below. It doesn’t look that high but it actually takes a few hours to climb the rest of the way up.

 Vast snowy mountainside

Okay, okay, I know this photo looks totally fake but I promise you it’s not photoshop! Rob is there on the side of the mountain. It’s just the camera flash that’s making it look like I cut out a photo of him and pasted it on top. LOL. 

The view looking down.  The dark triangle in the distance is the shadow of the mountain in the distance. 
Rob says he has no desire to climb Mount Baker again. I can’t say I am too sad about that! He arrived home the next day after climbing practically crawling through the front door. But they arrived home safe and that’s all that matters!
On to the next adventure!

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4 Responses to Man Vs. the Mountain

  1. Tabitha says:

    Wow. Scary and exciting all at once! So happy he came home in one piece!


  2. AsteropeBC says:

    Wow, what beautiful photos! Climbing mountains is always a little risky – conditions are unpredictable at those high elevations. I'm glad Rob and Stephane had a safe, spectacular journey!


  3. ElfRenee says:

    Wow, really amazing pictures!!


  4. Yes, happy they are home safe and sound! I couldn't sleep at all the night they were out climbing!


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