Black Russian Tomatoes

So, it’s September and my tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. The first ones ready to eat are the Black Russian tomatoes. Black tomatoes are obviously not really black. The colors range from deep purple to greenish brown. They are an indeterminate variety which means they will continue to produce fruit all season until it gets too cold and rainy outside. 

It was hard to tell if these tomatoes were ripe enough yet since I wasn’t sure how dark they would get but they seemed to have the proper firmness, not to hard and not too soft.

Man, these tomatoes are sure tasty. Probably the best tasting tomato I have ever eaten! They are super sweet with lots of flavor.  I can’t wait until the rest of them ripen. I will be growing these again next year for sure but next year I plan to grow a whole lot more tomato plants. You can never have too many tomatoes!

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2 Responses to Black Russian Tomatoes

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    Oh, I haven't seen such tomatoes! I once tried yellow tomatoes and nobody could persuade me they tasted sweet! I believe I will have a similar problem with the black Russian tomatoes but I believe you that they are sweet, and how I wish for sweet (any) tomatoes! It's the season for plastic ones around here.

    By the way while you're at tomatoes, drop by and check my post from yesterday: The week in photos and links, there is something quite true about tomatoes there.


  2. ElfRenee says:

    Very pretty! I've grown the black tomatoes before, they are really good.


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