What’s Growing: September 18th

This is the giant blob that was taking over my front lawn. It’s my pumpkin patch. It’s only one plant but apparently pumpkins grow like crazy. The sad thing is there is only about 4 actual pumpkins growing on the vines. I have been starting to worry that I planted my pumpkin seeds too late in the season. There are only about 6 weeks left until Halloween and I want to carve some home grown Jack O’ Lanterns this year.  Since there isn’t enough time left for any of the tiny pumpkin buds that haven’t started growing yet to get big enough by Halloween I decided it was time to prune the patch. I cut back all the vines that weren’t directly connected to my pumpkins.
Here are some of the pumpkins I’ve got growing.

By trimming away all the extra vines I am hoping the pumpkin plant will be able to convert all it’s energy to the growing pumpkins so they will be able to get nice and fat and orange.
I’m doing the same thing with my tomato plants. I have a few tomato plants that haven’t ripened yet. The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny this week and I’m worried after this week it will be too cold and rainy for the tomatoes to get ripe. I trimmed away anything that wasn’t directly attached to a tomato.

I did manage to harvest some other veggies this week. Onions, Brussels sprouts, and some corn from my in laws corn patch to name a few:

Have you got anything yummy growing in your garden this time of year?

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3 Responses to What’s Growing: September 18th

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    Oh, everything looks so beautiful, and your pumpkins are awesomely big! You are an inspiration!


  2. ElfRenee says:

    Pumpkins! Oh awesome!


  3. AsteropeBC says:

    Everything is so late in the PNW this year! I hope your pumpkins get nice and orange by Halloween, but even if they don't, you can still carve them and they will look cool.


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