Hanging Wall Vase Tutorial

I was inspired recently by some hanging wall vases I saw for sale on Etsy. The design was so simple, just mason jars attached to old pieces of wood. I decided to try making my own version using an old belt to attach the jar to the wood. This project was super easy and I had all the materials on hand already.  Total cost: $0 !
Read on for my instructions on how you can make one yourself.


Old piece of wood
Mason jar
Finishing nails
Paint (optional)


1) Find an old piece of wood and cut it to the size of your choice. Wipe off any dirt and sand it down smooth. If you want to paint or stain your wood you should do it now. I liked mine natural so I didn’t paint it.

Place your jar where you would like it to sit on the wood and mark the top and bottom with a pencil.  Lift off the jar and find the center behind the jar where you will attach the piece of belt. Mark that with a pencil too.

Drill a hold on each side of the pencil mark about an inch apart.

Measure the circumference of the vase and cut your belt that length. Then, drill a hole on the ends of the belt about a half inch from  the edge.

Screw the belt into the holes you drilled into the wood.

Flip the wood over and attach a loop of wire with a screw to the back. This is how you will hang the vase.

Nail two little nails into the wood where you marked the bottom. This will help support the jar and ensure it does not slip out when full of water.

 Hang wood from the wall, fill the jar with water and fresh flowers (or in this case mint) and enjoy!

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4 Responses to Hanging Wall Vase Tutorial

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    What a lovely idea! I like the natural touch and the simplicity a lot! You seem to be in a creative upsurge with so many crafty ideas! Great!


  2. AsteropeBC says:

    I love this idea! I will share a link to your post on FB.


  3. Thanks! that's very sweet of you!


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