Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

A few weeks ago I shared the results of my Potato Tire Experiment. My favorite way to eat potatoes is mashed so I decided mashing my harvest of little Red Russet potatoes was the way to go.

Now, you all probably know how to make mashed potatoes so I will spare you a lengthy recipe. One thing I do recommend before you begin is to make sure you have a potato masher on hand. It turns out I actually don’t own a potato masher which is a terrible thing to discover when your potatoes are cooked and ready to get smashed. I did discover however that a wine bottle will make a satisfactory substitute for a potato masher and then you can stick the taters in a food processor to help get the lumps out!

Mashed potatoes are always a favorite cool weather comfort food of mine and with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend I’ve certainly got yummy comfort food on the brain.  Switching your standard mashed potato recipe to one that is vegan is super simple. You can substitute the milk or cream with soy or another alternative milk  and the butter with Smart Balance or margarine. I chopped up a handful of rosemary from the garden and simmered it with the soy milk, Smart Balance and fresh garlic. I stirred it into the mashed potatoes and then added more margarine, milk, salt and pepper to taste. Heaven for the taste buds!!!

What’s your favorite way to prepare potatoes? Do you ever add herbs to your mashed potatoes?

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2 Responses to Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    Oh, I have an obsession with mashed potatoes! I realized that only when my husband pointed out that everything evolves around mashed potatoes in my dishes. :)) Being a traditionalist in cooking I mostly love it with butter, milk and salt but I sometimes sprinkle some muskat and grated cheese.

    I can't wait to try out the taste with rosemary!


  2. AsteropeBC says:

    My kids love mashed potatoes – especially with gravy. I prefer to cook potatoes in a hash with veggies, and maybe some sausage. Last time, I added rosemary, garlic and black pepper. Yum!


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