Upcycled Sweater Vases

I’ve tried to learn how to knit many, many times but I haven’t been able to pick up the skill. So when it comes to crafty projects involving knitting I take the easy way out. I use old sweaters from Goodwill and cut them up. Today’s project is super simple and a nice way to cozy up your home for fall and winter. We’re going to use cable knit sweater sleeves and slip them over jars and cans to create adorable sweater vases.

Old sweaters. Look for ones with interesting details on the sleeves
Jars, cans or anything that can be turned into a vase

Step 1: Choose your vase bases.

Old cans and jars work great. Anything waterproof will work

Step 2: Cut the sleeves off your sweater

Step 3: Slip the sleeve over the vase and trim the end so it’s a few inches longer that the top of the vase

Step 4: Stand the vase upright and tuck the top of the sleeve down into the vase

Step 5: Add water and flowers

The smaller white one was made with the left over scraps from another sweater. I glued the fabric to a clean jam jar for the proper fit.

I think these would look good with some branches from the garden or other winter flower arrangements.
I’ve got more sweater crafts coming up soon so stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Upcycled Sweater Vases

  1. I love the way this looks. I crochet…but this is just so much less time consuming and has the same kind of look! I will for sure be doing this for the cooler months…makes it look so cozy! 🙂

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  2. Kanelstrand says:

    Oh, how do you come up with such cute ideas?!!!! and why don't I think of them first? Gorgeous idea! I have 2 tall cans that have been in the line for recycling/upcycling but now I know what to do with them, thank you, Adrienne!


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