Re-Use Old Pill Bottles to Store Seeds

Ok, so it’s a little early to start planting in the garden and getting my seedlings started but on these cold frosty days I can’t help but browse the internet and think about all the gardening I would like to get done.  I’ve been flipping though seed catalogs and going though my own stash at home trying to get things organized. I’ll be honest, my seed collection has been a major mess. A lot of the seeds came in those little paper packs you  rip open and since I didn’t use all the seeds I put the half empty packs into little ziplocks bags so they wouldn’t all fall out. While cleaning things up I found a clever way to organize my seeds and re-use those old pill bottles I seem to have lying around in all my cupboards.

I went around and collected all the bottles that were empty or had expired medications in them and washed them out and dried them thoroughly. Making sure they are totally dry is really important otherwise your seeds will get moldy.  I poured the seed packets into the bottles and wrote what was in each bottle on a sticker on the top. The seeds are nicely protected and the top has the secure childproof top that won’t accidentally unscrew.

You could do the same thing with empty glass spice bottles. Store your seeds in a cool dry place until you are ready to plant. Make sure you keep the paper seed packs though, they have lots of valuable information on the back with instructions for planting!

One of the things I find tricky about starting seeds is knowing exactly when to plant them. Usually the seed packets will say sow 4-6 weeks before the last frost. But how are you supposed to know when the last frost is? If you start them too soon or wait too long you are doomed.

Here are some great links I found tips on seed starting:

Calculate your last frost date by your zip code! From
A map of average last frost dates from Mother Earth News
A vegetable seeds starting guide and seed starting chart from You Grow Girl

Happy Planting!

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4 Responses to Re-Use Old Pill Bottles to Store Seeds

  1. Kanelstrand says:

    Again, so much information that seems to be obvious. Reusing is essential if you want to keep your mind and your wallet nowadays.


  2. I don't have a garden, so I don't have any seeds, but I sometimes use old prescription bottles for my beads! Empty margarine containers work, too, for bigger ones.


  3. Great idea Paige. I have lots of little beads around I can store in bottles.


  4. excellent idea! Similar in size to the old 35 mm film cases


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