Things To Do In The Garden: January

When you are thinking about chores and needs around the home in January gardening probably isn’t on the top of your list. Even though we are in the dead of winter (it snowed here a bit last night, boo.) there is still work to be done for the upcoming gardening season. Each month I am going to write a list of  garden chores applicable to that month that I will be working on.  Lists of seeds to start, pruning to be done, the local edibles that can be foraged out in our woods. That kind of thing. I’ll be documenting it in a monthly post so feel free to join along with me.

The January Garden:

Day dream and plan:
Now is the time to pull out those gardening magazines and seed catalogs. Look for some new and exciting things to grow and tips for growing some of your favorites even better than last year.  I’ve been looking to Pinterest a lot lately for inspiration. There are some fabulous gardening ideas on that site. I was also introduced to a new gardening magazine called Organic Gardening. Check it out if you get the chance. It’s got loads of great information.

Get your seeds organized:
 Pull out those seeds you have left over from last year and  take inventory. What do you need to order more of? How can you organize and store  them nicely? I have been using old medication bottles to store some of my seeds this year and it’s been working great.

Order your new seeds:
 Once you have decided what to grow make sure you order early for best selection. If you wait too long it may be too late! I usually order some of my seeds from Park Seed. They have a vast selection and lots of education on their website. The rest of my seeds and little plants are usually purchased at my local garden center.

The ground outside may be completely frozen but you can still keep adding to the compost pile.  I have an indoor worm composting bin in my kitchen and it’s nice to be able to produce fresh compost all year round. Check out this Guide to Worm Composting I wrote over at Small Measure with Ashley English.  I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make your own worm composting bin soon so keep an eye out for that!

Do some yard prep:
With the exception of this week it’s been a very mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately I think I may have jinxed myself. If the weather permits do what you can out in the yard whether it’s raking those leaves still out on the lawn or dead heading the hydrangeas in the back yard. 

So those are my gardening plans for January. What are yours?

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3 Responses to Things To Do In The Garden: January

  1. aimeeus says:

    I tried for the last three years to grow vegetables and flowers and every time I've failed miserably. They always get eaten up by slugs or just die. Boo. Good luck with yours! 🙂


  2. Hey if at first you don't succeed try again! Have you tried container gardening? I've had my best success growing in containers as opposed to just straight into the ground.


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