Saturday Snapshots: Little Lemon

I have this little lemon tree growing in a pot in my living room. It’s so cute but everyone thinks it’s a lime tree because none of the lemons have ripened yet. This one lemon is slooooowly turning yellow. He’s getting a little bit more ripe each day. I can’t wait to eat him 🙂

The house is strangely quiet this morning. Everyone is still asleep. The parrot isn’t squawking, the dogs aren’t barking, the kitty is only softly purring and the pigs outside are still sleeping and haven’t started their morning ritual of oinking for their breakfast yet.
Though I’ve had a good week, the weekend is always better.  This weekend I’ll be up to the same shenanigans as usual. Cleaning the house, trying to organize the random piles of clutter, working on new stuff for my Etsy shop, writing up some blog posts for next week and hopefully taking some time to relax and unwind.
Hope you all have a great weekend too! See you Monday!

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5 Responses to Saturday Snapshots: Little Lemon

  1. Sayward says:

    I have a lemon tree in my living room too! Lots of flowers this year, but nary a lemon yet. But yay, kindred living-room-lemon spirits!


  2. Don't the citrus flowers smell lovely!


  3. ElfRenee says:

    Aww, that's so cute! I want one of those.


  4. Lemon trees are really fun to have indoors. They usually sell them at Home Depot or other garden centers in the spring or early summer.


  5. Oh, I think it is so Mediterranean to have a lemon tree in your house. It is bound to create a leisurely atmosphere! I guess I will try and grow one as well!


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