Felt Fortune Cookies

I thought I came up with this craft project, but then I was looking online at Martha Stewart’s website and realized that I saw these cute little fortune cookies there some time ago and they were hiding in the back of my brain. Doesn’t Martha always have the best ideas? The fortune cookie has a kind of interesting history in my opinion. Curious how these fun little cookies ended up included in your Chinese take out? You can check out the history of them here.
Little felt fortune cookies are really easy to make, here’s my version of the tutorial. 

Glue gun
Notes or any treats you want to put inside your cookies.

Step One: Cut 4-6 inch circles in the felt

Cut pieces of wire and glue them to the center of the circles

Place notes or candies in the middle of the circle, then fold the circle in half and glue the edges together. Leave a tiny gap on one end so that the recipient can rip it open.

then bend the “cookie” in half to form the fortune cookie shape


  • If you are making up gift bags for a party use those little Chinese take out gift boxes you get at the craft store and include the fortune cookies with a little thank you note and some candies inside
  • Make “love coupons” and put a different coupon in each cookie
  • If you have a group of kids or students, have each of them make a felt fortune cookie and put them all in a big bowl. Then each kid pulls out a new fortune from the bowl.

Have fun and happy crafting!

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5 Responses to Felt Fortune Cookies

  1. Awesome idea! I have to, I have to use it!


  2. Danielle C says:

    my teacher friend made these for her students. It was a great hit!


  3. Viv says:

    Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing. n_n


  4. These are super adorable, absolutely love them!


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