Weekend Time Warp- February 10th

Hollywood Hills August 2008

I’m going to try something new on the weekends for a little while, introducing… the Weekend Time Warp!
Since this little blog is one year old now and there are a lot of new readers who weren’t around for the super early days of Crafty Little Gnome I figure the weekend is a good time to look back at some fun posts you may have missed from this time last year.
It’s also a good excuse to share some fun photos from back in the day. Here is Rob and I back in 2008 on our trip to Southern California. We spotted the Hollywood sign up on the hills and drove as close as we could to it. There were big signs that threatened jail time and huge fines for trespassers but we sneaked past anyways. We would have gotten closer but I was wearing flip flops and the hills are quite steep and it’s a pretty dangerous hike up that way. You can’t see it in the photo but there are actually a lot of residential houses right near the sign. To the left and right of us there were some pretty swank houses occupied by the rich and famous I’m sure. I had no idea there were people living so close.

So without further ado, here’s what Crafty Little Gnome readers were checking out on the blog this time last year:

DIY Dog Neck Warmers
Pine Cone Bird Feeders
DIY Suet Bird Feeders

This weekend I’m going to be spending sometime working on my laundry room renovation. Mostly patching up the gigantic holes in the walls, fixing up the drywall and painting. I’ll post an update next week so you can see my progress. There is a LOT of work ahead! I’ve got some more cute Valentine themed posts and some gardening tips coming up next week as well. Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you Monday!

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