Things to Do in the Garden: February

While March may be considered the first month of the year that you can really get started gardening, if you live in a mild climate there is still a lot you can do in February.  Here is what I am doing this month:

Get your seeds started :

 Now is the time to get your first batch of seeds started for the year. I bought my seeds and some potting mix last weekend and plan on getting things started this weekend. There are some seeds that you can sow indoors and some you should plant directly outside in the dirt.

Sow indoors: Broccoli, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, eggplant
Sow outdoors: Spinach, beets, sweet peas, carrots, radish onion

Get your garden beds prepped:

 Mix in some fresh compost, stir up the dirt to loosen things up. If you are building some new beds get them ready now so they will be ready to plant in once your seedlings get big enough.

 Buy and prep your seed potatoes:
This year I am trying two varieties, Adirondack Blue and Yukon Gold. I’m really excited about the blue potatoes! Let your seed potatoes sit out until roots start to grow off them. Then they are ready to  be planted.

Clean up the garden:
 I don’t know about you but there are weeds growing like crazy all over my yard.  If the ground isn’t frozen and covered in snow spend some time getting things cleaned up!

Feed  the birds: 
Continue to put out bird seed and food for the birds. If you have pets that shed their fur you can leave the hair out for the birds to make nests with.

What are you working on in the garden this month?

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4 Responses to Things to Do in the Garden: February

  1. Oh, I so love all your advice and mostly the last one! I've never thought about fur from pets being used by birds for nests! Real sustainability.

    When I get my garden I will re-read all your posts on gardening. I wish that will be really soon!


  2. I am so excited that spring is getting close! My daughter and I planted fava beans and 3 kinds of peas over the weekend. Today we spent an hour out in the misty rain digging in the dirt, pulling weeds and inspecting worms. 🙂 It felt sooo good to be doing work in the yard!


  3. Good luck with your gardening. I hope you get to start growing soon!


  4. Spring is definitely in the air! I can't wait until things start blooming!


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