My Super Scary Laundry Room: Update

Way back in October I decided to start working on my freaky looking laundry room. My goal was to have it finished by Spring (March 23rd) Well, that’s only about a month away and truthfully there hasn’t been much progress on the laundry room at all. I know what I am going to do with it and I have all the supplies. I bought the new light fixture, I have the paint,  the new floor tiles were purchased. I just need to DO it. Last week I decided to rip off the weird tile board the old owners put up so that I could even out the drywall texture and start painting. Unfortunately when I pulled off the tile board I found a nice surprise underneath…

Giant 8 inch holes all over the walls. Wonderful isn’t it? I was trying to decided how I would go about fixing it but then my mom suggested installing bead board on the walls right over top of the holes. I still have to get the bead board and supplies but this seems like the best option so far.

I’ll share some of the plans I have for the laundry room so far. I think I am going to start painting later on today.
This is pretty close to the color I bought for the walls. I found it in the “Oops” paint section at Home Depot for 50% off. I love it when I find a color I like on the discount shelf!

I found a bead board kit, also at Home Depot that looks pretty easy to install. It comes with the chair rail and baseboards.

This is the chandelier I bought from Overstock

So pretty!
So what do you think of my plans? Any suggestions for the laundry room?

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One Response to My Super Scary Laundry Room: Update

  1. ElfRenee says:

    Love the chandelier and the paint color!


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