Pig Update


I haven’t written much about my pet pigs since we got them last summer. If you missed my post about The Great Pig Hunt of 2011 you should go check it out, it’s a very bizarre story of two cute baby pot bellied pigs loose on the farm.

For the most part Tubsimoo and Clementine had been chilling in the pig pen all winter long, sleeping in their hutch buried in hay for warmth. Now that they are bigger and the weather is warmer they need room to roam and root. My husband re-secured the backyard and we let them have free reign over the lawn.
My dogs are adjusting to them. My little pug Doug seems to go into this weird trance when the pigs are around. She seems to be hypnotized by them and starts trying to chase them. She is getting better but I don’t let her around them unsupervised yet.

The things about the pigs that I wasn’t expecting is how much they root around in the grass. They are natures little rototillers. They dig their snouts into the grass and lift it up and look for bugs, worms, seeds, – whatever they can get in the dirt. In one week’s time my backyard went from looking normal to like this:

I’m trying to think positively and remember that A) The front yard still looks normal so at least we have that and B) I seriously hate mowing the lawn so now it looks like we do not need to worry about that!

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5 Responses to Pig Update

  1. ElfRenee says:

    Aww, so cute! Well, they can till a garden area for you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Stumbled on your blog! Saw the pigs and freaked out. Growing up, in the middle of a city in a residential neighbourhood we had a pot bellied pig!! Pugsley! He actually lived in the house for a long time. He slept with my brother, and when he had to potty he used his snout to ring a little bell by the door so we could let him out. He was very clean and cute. My sister hated him and was pretty mean to him, but he would sneak in her room, root through her garbage, and we laughed because he was just getting even. He got too big so we put in him an enclosure in the backyard, but he liked to escape and we could hear his hooves echoing on the concrete at our neighbour's house. So he was moved to a farm with other pigs, and I still miss him and like to think that 15 years later he is still alive and well 🙂


  3. aww, I bet he is still alive. Pot bellies can live for a really long time!
    Thanks for visiting!


  4. Alice Barton says:

    OMG! Those piggies are so cute!! I have one, she's called Paris and she's 4.5 years old. She doesn't have so much fur/hair, must be because of the climate, we currently live in Spain. I have a few photos of her on my blog. I will be following you to see more photos of those lovely babies!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way


  5. Ya Pigs are awesome. I'm off to go check out Paris 🙂


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