Gardening for Kids: Pocket Seeds

Way back in the day when my sister and I were in Girl Guides (Canadian equivalent of Girl Scouts) we were introduced to pocket seeds. We were told you could sprout seeds in your own pocket without soil. Our young minds were fascinated by this fun little project I am about to show you and if you have kids or work with them, they might find this fun too.

Pocket seeds are a way to sprout seeds without soil. Seeds need two things to germinate: dark and heat. By placing the seeds in your pocket you are utilizing the darkness in your pocket and the heat from your body to sprout the seeds. It is in fact quite similar to the environment they would be in if you planted them in the soil.

Here is what you need:
Seeds: Bean seeds work well
Paper towel
Plastic lunch bag

Take the paper towel and wet it and then fold a bean seed or two inside of it. Place the paper towel inside the plastic lunch bag and put it in your pocket. As long as the paper towel is kept moist the seeds will grow. Keep the bag in your pocket for about a week and check the seeds once or twice a day for signs that they germinating. Soon the beans will start to sprout. Once sprouted you can plant them if you like.

You can try all sorts of experiments by placing different types of seeds in the bag. You can also try placing the bag in different spots. Some in sunny locations and some in darker places. Some will grow really well and some will not. This is a way for kids to learn about different ways that seeds germinate and what each type needs to grow. 

If you are a big kid like me and have some seeds from last years stash you want to test out and make sure are still good you can try this too. I didn’t keep the seeds in my pocket but I placed the bag in a warm dark place. If the seeds start to sprout I will know the rest of the seeds in the package are still fresh enough to plant too.

Did you ever grow pocket seeds when you were a kid?

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4 Responses to Gardening for Kids: Pocket Seeds

  1. Lostlemonade says:

    Thanks, you just solved the dilemma of what science fair project to do with a six year old!!


  2. Excellent! Good luck with the project!


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