Things to do in the Garden: March

March: In like lion, out like a lamb. We’re already midway through the month and next week is the official start of spring! Woo hoo! This week there has been every kind of weather imaginable here in Northern Washington. Rain, snow, hail, sunshine, windstorms, you name it- it’s happened. Hopefully this crazy weather is almost behind us and things will start to feel a little more like spring soon. March is the first month of  the year most of us can really get out and start gardening. There is lots to do this month from sowing seeds to pruning fruit trees. Here’s a list of gardening chores you can do in March.

Sow your seeds:

  • I’ve got containers with tiny seedlings starting to pop up. I placed them in a shallow Rubbermaid container in the dining room. We get lots of natural light in that part of the house. Outdoors I have sowed carrots, peas and beans.
  • This is a great time of year to start cool weather veggies outdoors. Spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collard greens and different varieties of lettuce can all be grown outdoors this month.
  • Warm weather veggies like tomatoes and eggplant should be started indoors.

The Lawn:

  • If your lawn is looking worse for wear you can sprinkle some grass seed on any bare patches.
  •  Now is the time to fertilize with organic fertilizer.


  • Your bulbs should be either blooming or on the verge of bursting to life. Remember, it’s okay to dead head the flowers after they have died but you need to leave the leaves alone until they turn completely brown and dead if you want your bulbs to produce flowers next year.
  • It’s time to plant your summer bulbs like dahlias, lilies gladioli.

Fruit Trees

  • If you want to plant new fruit trees it’s best to do so in the spring. The roots will have more time to grow and get established.
  • If you have existing fruit trees don’t forget to prune them!

Garden Cleanup

  • Garden clean up is a year round never ending chore.  Get a head start on weeding and pruning and it will be less work as the season progresses!


  • Plant your early crop potatoes near the end of the month
  • Check out my post on How to Chit Potatoes to give your taters the best start possible!

What’s growing in your garden this month?

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9 Responses to Things to do in the Garden: March

  1. I'd love to start gardening but it is still a little early here in the mountains of Colorado. We have a really short growing season so starting in containers is a must! I am planting apple trees and berries this spring. Thanks for your tips


  2. Good luck with your garden Donna. Container gardening works great no matter what climate you are in. I had some great success last year growing tomatoes in containers!


  3. That's the one bad thing about moving in the early summer, no point to planting a garden!


  4. I need to get moving!!!! Planting is a great after school activity with my girls!


  5. Yes and it's good exercise too! Better start soon before it's too late in the season!


  6. Awww, too bad. Well, there is always end of season veggies you can grow in early fall ,right?


  7. Oh, how lovely, you already have daffodils? We are still on crocuses around here 🙂 I so wish I could prepare a garden but I don't have it, I wish for next spring I have a house with a garden.There, I said it, now it is going to come true!


  8. Hope your garden wishes come true!


  9. sydthewyd says:

    I'm going away for the whole summer, but I did plant some bulbs in the late fall that are now about to bloom! I'm super excited. I'm also ordering some beans from Rancho Gordo for my mom to plant for me so I can harvest those come September 🙂 Your garden is looking great!


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