Spring Cleaning

Spring ! Spring! The official start to the season is finally here which makes it the perfect time to do some Spring Cleaning. Now matter how much I clean and try to organize, things always seem so messy. I heard a saying once, “Creative minds are rarely organized.” This is definitely true in my household. Two creative people living under one roof with 3 dogs, a cat, a parrot, a couple reptiles and some fish (plus two cute pigs that live outside) is a recipe for messiness if I ever heard one.
That said, I still make an effort to clean and organize.

I have a very methodical cleaning process when I am doing a deep clean and it always starts with two things
1) Light my aromatherapy candles
2) Put on some good cleaning music and/ or and episode of Hoarders. But not an episode of Hoarders where they show people who collect animals. Those ones are too sad for me 😦  Nothing motivates me like the fear of becoming one of the people on that show!
 I start a load of laundry and start the dishwasher. While those two appliances work their magic I go around the house with a garbage bag and toss old papers, wrappers- anything that belongs in the trash.  Once all that wreckage is out of the way I begin putting things in their proper place and making a special pile of clothing and items to donate to Goodwill.  Usually at this point I think to myself, “How in the world do we have so much stuff? ” and then I toss even more stuff in the Goodwill pile.

After vacuuming up the 20 pounds of animal hair that collects everywhere when you live with 4 furry creatures it’s time to give all the surfaces a wipe down and wipe the mud off the walls that the dogs splatter everywhere.

They may look cute, but they are evil little pups who shed twice their body weight in hair everyday and track mud all through the house. Especially the big one.

There are two cleaning tools I can’t live without.
1) My Dyson vacuum. It was a wedding gift. I would never spend almost $700 on a vacuum for myself. But it works amazingly well and is totally worth it.
2) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Actually I buy the knock off no name brand because they are cheaper. Yes, I know they are wasteful and bad for the environment but nothing works as well for cleaning. Those little sponges are truly magical.

At this point the house looks decent enough and I am usually too tired to go on.  It’s time to pour myself a glass of diet dollar-store brand cola and  check my Facebook.

Here’s some of my favorite posts on cleaning and organizing from the past year:
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Are you doing any spring cleaning this week? Share your favorite cleaning tips in the comments!

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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Frankie says:

    I am so not a happy cleaner. Putting music on always helps though!

    I do my spring cleaning in stages, so far I've gone through my drawers in my room and given away anything I haven't worn in a year. Next I'll do my closets (one at a time), purging what I haven't worn, storing away the winter clothes, and taking out the summer/spring stuff. Once all that's done, I may or may not tackle whats hiding under my bed. 🙂

    Also, animals sure are a joy but they definitely add to the mess.


  2. What lurks beneath the bed is always frightening!


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