Things to do in the Garden: April

April showers bring May flowers?  Well we have had lots of showers and lots of flowers blooming too. Tulips and daffodils are popping up all over the place. Here’s a list of things to do in the garden this month.

Support your peas: Peas need a trellis to grow on for support. It easiest to do this before the plant gets too big. I took a couple of tomato cages and planted them upside down so that the peas can grow up them. My little garden bed was made from an old book shelf. What can I say? I like to recycle!

Protect seedlings: There may still be a chance of frost in April so make sure you protect your little seedlings with a cloche or in a greenhouse. I used an old fish tank turned upside down as a little green house. You can also up cycle old milk jugs into little cloches.

Add compost and well rotted manure:  This is a great time to add  compost and well rotten manure to you garden beds. How do you know when homemade compost is ready? Check out this post.

Slug control: Last year I found out the hard way that slugs will gobble up your veggies seedlings. The easiest way to get rid of slugs? Place a dish of beer out in the garden. Apparently slugs like beer although I’m not sure if they have a favorite brand.

Start herbs indoors: Start your herbs seed  indoors and they will be ready in time for the summer.  Lavender, basil, mint,  thyme and many more can be grown indoors by seed.

Hand pollinate peaches: Give your peaches a helping hand with pollination. Take a soft brush (like an eye shadow makeup brush)  and swirl it around the center of the flower.  More pollination means more peaches!

This is just a small list of things to do in the garden. What are you working on this month?

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