Adorable Animals: How Not To Cut Your Dogs Hair

Ok, maybe this one isn’t so adorable!
Anyone who has a pet poodle knows that they have different hair than most dogs. Most dogs actually have fur that sheds but poodles have hair that grows and grows until you cut it. My poodle Lolly hadn’t had a hair cut since last December. My mother in law Joyce (who we actually got Lolly from) used to be a professional dog groomer. I guess technically she still is but she doesn’t do as much grooming anymore.  Joyce grooms Lolly most of the time and usually fixes my horrible attempts I make at giving her a hair cut. This time though I have really outdone myself. My poor dog. At least hair grows back right?

Lolly is very skiddish at the best of times. She hates the clippers and the feeling of them on her. She won’t let me go near her face or her legs so trying to cut her hair is very time consuming and difficult. This picture was taken about 2 hours into cutting her hair. Finally Lolly was DONE and I gave up for the night. Actually she still looks like this and fortunately we don’t have to go out for walks in public, I can just take her for a run around the farm. Hopefully Joyce can help me fix this horrible hair cut. What do you think, is there hope for Lolly and her hair?

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