The Truth About Pigs

Last summer we got cute pot bellied pigs.  They are adorable but they sure are trouble makers. The first day we got them they escaped out on the farm for four days and ever since then it’s been nothing but trouble.

The girls are getting bigger and since they needed more room to roam we let them out in the backyard. They proceeded to root up out entire back yard and there is not a single blade of grass they have not dug up. My backyard is literally a mud pit. Then my dogs go out into the backyard while I am at work and get covered in mud and then track it all over the house.

 It’s non stop craziness around here with all these animals. Tubs and Clem have decided that since they don’t have any grass left in the backyard, they would like to escape into the front yard or my neighbors yards (so much worse!) and try to dig up their sod. Every day we watch as the pigs find a new hole in the fence they can squeeze themselves through then my husband goes and lures them back into the yard with food and blocks the hole. Then they find another way to get out and we go though the whole cycle again. This has been going on several times a day for the past few weeks.

It seems I am hearing stories about people with pet pigs everywhere I go. People are always telling me about a friend of a friend who owns a pig that sleeps in the bed with them and sits on the couch or goes for walks on a leash like a dog. How come my pigs are so naughty? Had I known that my little piglets would cause me so much stress and grief I would never have gotten them. It really is all my fault. I am the one who wanted a pet pig and I was the one who went looking on Craigslist. I have tried to convince my husband that our little pigs need to find a new home but he is not having it. Rob loves the pigs and refuses to give them away.  So I guess I am stuck with them whether I like it or not!

The pigs aren’t all that bad. They are so ridiculously cute it’s impossible not to love them. They come running up to us when we go in the backyard and love to get pet and scratched on the belly. Pigs will eat anything. Except Brussels sprouts and jalapenos ( I can understand not like spicy peppers but come on, Brussels sprouts are tasty!) Other than those two foods they will gobble up whatever you give them. Earlier tonight I was weeding the front garden and I tossed all the weeds over the fence for the pigs and they ate them all! How’s that for convenience!

The only positive thing I can think of about the constant rooting up of my grass is at least the entire yard is prepped for when I am ready to landscape the backyard. Sure it probably won’t be for many years but at least it’s ready to go. I can also steal dirt from the backyard that is nicely tilled and rock-free and transfer it to my front yard garden. So there are a few benefits I guess.

I’ll keep y’all updated with the lives of my little piggies. They sure seem to make life interesting around here. Do you have any pet pig stories? I’d love to hear about any little pigs in your life.

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2 Responses to The Truth About Pigs

  1. Wow! I've never owned a pig, let alone a pet pig. I imagine they would be a lot of trouble and I don't know anyone who owns one. But I've seen people on tv that own them and they act all cool and casual. Maybe your's need obedience school? Do you think the dog trainer at PetSmart would mind if you showed up with your two pot bellies? lol.

    Good luck with your piggies and I'm looking forward to hearing more about them. 🙂


  2. Haha that would be so funny if I took them to obedience school for dogs!


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