Tips for Line Drying Clothes

 We’ve had a lovely heat spell this past week in Northern Washington. The sun has finally been shining after what felt like an eternity of rainy cold weather. I’ve been taking advantage and spending a lot of time outside going for walks and gardening. Once the weather starts to warm up I like to hang my laundry to dry outdoors. It’s a great way to save energy and  when it’s nice and hot out the clothes dry surprisingly fast. Here are some tips to make line drying even more efficient.

  • Choose your location wisely. Place your clothes line or rack in the sunniest part of your yard. For us, unfortunately this happens to be right in front of the house in the front yard. I can use our drying rack all day long because this spot is never shady. Luckily I don’t mind the neighbors seeing my undies hanging out in the breeze as they drive by. 

  • Don’t forget to clean your line. Wipe it down to avoid dirt marks on your clean clothing

  • Hang your line at the right height.You don’t want your sheets and linens dragging on the ground.

  • Check the weather forecast. When the dirty laundry pile is stacking up I try to plan to do the laundry on days when it’s sunny outside so that I can line dry. If there is sunshine in the forecast in the upcoming week I will hold off until the sun comes out.

  • To avoid fading, hang your clothes inside out on the line. If you are drying whites the sun will naturally bleach your clothes and help fade stains.

  • Hang t-shirts by the bottoms to avoid pinch marks on the shoulders

  • If your clothes feel stiff pop them in the dryer for 5 minutes to help soften them up. I do this for my towels and jeans. I don’t like them feeling rough and crispy!

What are  your tips for line drying your clothes?

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8 Responses to Tips for Line Drying Clothes

  1. Christina says:

    I love line dried clothes. In addition to everything else, they smell so wonderful!

    Unfortunately, we have the buggiest back yard ever and even though I dry them on the deck, which is 15 feet above the ground, I bring in a good sized spider with each load. Not so much fun.


  2. I miss the smell of line dried clothes, maybe we should think about putting up a clothsline – thanks for posting this and reminding me!


  3. You won't regret it!


  4. I have found that when hanging anything on the line you really need to shake them out good before placing on the line. I hang like thickness articles together such as heavy towels together, washcloths together, jeans together, etc. This allows me to bring some things off the line to free up space for more. Working during the week makes Saturday my laundry day. Hubby tries to help but thinks it's silly to shake them out. the towels aren't wrinkled and the jeans definitely need that shaking. I also take my hands front to back on the top of the legs of the jeans and press together downward and it wipes away a lot of the wrinkles. Those wrinkles won't come out in the dryer after they're dry but this helps. I also like to throw them in the dryer for about 10 minutes with a washcloth that has been thoroughly dampened with the homemade fabric softener I found on Pinterest. I love that site!!


  5. great tips, thanks for sharing I can't wait to try them out!


  6. Vitgo says:

    Love these tips! Thanks. I want to get someone to put in a nice old-fashioned clothesline for me. Your advice about the sun fading clothes reminded me how I coveted my friend's jeans when I was in high school. His mother hung them out on the line at the beach and I never forgot the gorgeous light blue they faded to in the sun.


  7. Weird Amiga says:

    Yay, clothesline talk! 🙂 I used clothes lines exclusively for a little over 20 years!

    In the past, whenever I wanted something to dry really fast I'd squeeze it with a (clean) towel to remove excess water, then hung it.
    Another tip: hang your darks and delicates in a shaded spot. Blacks will turn reddish otherwise… 😦


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