End of Season Bulb Tips

If you garden looks anything like mine the lovely spring flowers like tulips and daffodils are likely all shriveled up and past their prime. It’s tempting to cut them all down and rip them out of the ground but hold off- you can dead head your flowers but make sure you leave the leaves. The leaves will absorb energy from the sun and store it in the bulb. If you rip out the leaves the bulb will not bloom next year. Make sure you let the leaves turn yellow before cutting them.

Once the leaves are yellow you can leave the bulbs in the ground for next year or dig them up so you can plant them in the different place in the fall next year. Store your bulbs in brown paper bags in a cool dry place.

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2 Responses to End of Season Bulb Tips

  1. Rachael says:

    Tulips have to be one of my favourite flowers – I love their vividness and all the colours they come it. Truly gorgeous.


  2. me too! love love love tulips!


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