DIY Lace Art

I love to hang unique and colorful art in my home but unfortunately my small budget puts a limit on all the beautiful prints and paintings I am able to buy. I like to think outside the box and try to come up with some interesting art pieces. One of my latest DIY art projects is my framed lace art. I use a lot of lace for my jewelry designs in my Etsy shop Adrienne Audrey Jewelry. I had some spare pieces lying around so I decided to see how they looked framed.

I simply placed them on white card stock and stuck them in the frame. I didn’t have to glue them in place, they just stayed put so if I want to use the lace for another project later on I can just take them out of  the frame.

I like the abstract style of the lace. What do you think?

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5 Responses to DIY Lace Art

  1. Love it!! It looks so good – the colour contrast and textures are perfect!!


  2. Lisa says:

    Very pretty! That's a beautiful blue!


  3. Wow. Another great idea. Who would have thought you can just put lace in a frame?! I absolutely love a simple project like that because its simplicity leaves room for so much imagination. Thanks for a great idea!


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