What’s Growing: End of June

Strawberries and Peas and Potatoes Oh My!

 Yummm. Sweet delicious homegrown strawberries. Oh, how I love you.

 I managed to pick a few sweet peas. Plenty more growing on the vine.

 Happiest dog on the planet. Luna and the pups love to play on the grass while I garden.

Sweet Pea flowers. So pretty
Douglas stealing strawberries right off the plant. Naughty girl
I wasn’t sure if my potatoes were ready yet so I ripped one of the plants up. Only one tiny blue potato. I fed him to the pigs. 
I have had some major gardening failures this year. I didn’t plant tomatoes in time and I think it’s too late. It’s so sad because I LOVE homegrown tomatoes. I tried 4 separate times to grow Atlantic Giant pumpkins. Every time they got gobbled by critters before they could get growing. Next year I have huge plans for the front yard garden. I’m really excited and plan to get things started at the end of this season. There will be structures built, trees planted, grass torn up. It’s going to be amazing but I’m just in the beginning stages of planning. I’ll be posting lots of updates and progress here along the way. 
What’s growing in your garden?
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2 Responses to What’s Growing: End of June

  1. I wish there was something growing but alas, I am only using the cervices of global gardening. Such a pity you won't have tomatoes, I too adore homegrown ones. On the other hand you have beautiful strawberries and sweet peas!


  2. Tyler says:

    I've been enjoying strawberries this year. Don't waste those leaves! Here's a tutorial for turning your strawberry leaves into tea: http://www.tylerhandmade.blogspot.com/2012/06/diy-strawberry-and-blueberry-leaf-teas.html


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