Attack of the Sea Urchin

Aloha from Maui! We are having a great vacation so far here in Kihei Maui. Lot’s of snorkeling and beach lounging happening. Later today we are going on a hike though a bamboo jungle. I am very excited about that.
Yesterday morning was not such a fun time. My husband and I were snorkeling around a coral reef when my husband’s hand accidentally bumped into a sea urchin. It poked it’s spines under the skin in his ring finger under the nail bed.


We weren’t sure what exactly it was and we couldn’t get the spines out ourselves with tweezers so we went to the walk in clinic. Since my husband doesn’t have insurance it cost $95 to see the doctor. Luckily it was a quiet day at the doctors office and we got in right away.  The doctor said that it was no big deal and the urchin spines are made of calcium carbonate which will just dissolve in a few days. He was told to soak it in vinegar and warm water and keep it clean to avoid infection.
24 hours later he seems to be in a lot less pain. Hopefully no more injuries for the rest of the trip!

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2 Responses to Attack of the Sea Urchin

  1. Heather says:

    I'm very glad it was something that didn't ruin the whole trip!


  2. Oh that makes me hurt just looking at it!! Poor guy! Hope they dissolve fast!


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