Weekend Time Warp August 11th

Well I’m back from my vacation in Maui. We had a great time despite the fact that we both got injured while we were gone. First my husband Rob got stung by a sea urchin who poked his stingers really deep into under his finger nails (check out the painful pictures here) and then I ended up spraining my foot and ankle while hiking.  I just randomly tripped on a rock and landed on my foot all wrong. I’m fully healed up now but it hurt pretty bad for a few days!
Here’s a couple more snapshots from our trip

Gigantic  Tree at Kipahulu near the National Park
Up 10 000 feet at the top of the crater. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It looked like Mars up there! 
At the Iao Valley State Park. Very cool rainforest type area
400 ft waterfalls. Definitely  worth the couple hour drive and hike.

I’ve got some fun posts coming up for you next week (and a new giveaway!)   but for now lets take a look back at some posts you may have missed from this time last year:

Homemade bleach
Coffee Can Vase
Happy Hour: Mai Tai
How to Make Inside Out Tire Planters
My Big Move

Have a great weekend!

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