Lunch Box Book Ends

I had a collection of cookbooks taking over too much space on the bookshelf in the office so I decided to display some of them in the kitchen for easier access. Two of my vintage lunchboxes work perfectly as bookends!
Now they are up and out of the way on top of the fridge but still close enough to grab when I need them.
The lunchboxes also work as storage to hold some of our extra plastic bags we reuse. Not only am I getting double duty out of them I think they look super cute too! Who doesn’t love Bert and Ernie or Popples?

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3 Responses to Lunch Box Book Ends

  1. Super cute, and such a great idea!


  2. i love old lunchboxes and built a Price Guide with images and values for them here hope its helpfu.



  3. Cute idea! I love the bright colors the lunchboxes bring to your kitchen. I'm going to be a regular contributor on the Kanelstrand blog and found your website because I saw that you are too. I love your craftiness!


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