What Happened to the Food?

Long time readers of this blog may have noticed that I haven’t posted any recipes for a looong time. I do love to cook (even if I rarely do and and make my husband fend for himself most nights) so what happened to the food? A change in food styles happened. This time last year I was trying really hard to go vegan and I thought I was going to be able to stick with it. Pretty much all of the recipes I posted on this blog were vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.

 Sadly the vegan lifestyle ended up not working out for me. I just didn’t have the willpower. It’s also extremely difficult to try to eat vegan when you live with a carnivore who has no interest in it at all. Not that I am blaming my husband, it’s just that when you are hungry and realize you forgot to go grocery shopping for some fresh veggies and the fridge is full or gourmet cheese and there is cookie dough ice cream in the freezer it was pretty much impossible to resist. I gave it about 6-8 months but in the end I decided veganism wasn’t for me at this time.

 I still eat mostly vegetarian and I have some chicken or fish some nights for dinner. I never eat red meat or pork. I rarely eat eggs or dairy but when I am hungry I pretty much eat what I want without the guilt or worry of wondering if there are eggs or milk in my meal.

I was hesitant to post recipes for some time because I felt guilty for being a failure and it might also seem weird to readers who are used to seeing vegan recipes all of a sudden see a recipe for turkey chilli or salmon.
So, I am going to start sharing some new recipes in the upcoming weeks and while they may or may not contain animal ingredients I will still be focusing on healthy and delicious meals!

Are there any recipes you would like to see on Crafty Little Gnome? 

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