DIY Air Freshening Spray

There are about a million different kinds of air fresheners for sale in just about every scent you could possibly dream up. The main thing I don’t like about chemical air fresheners is they all have a chemical smell to them. They never really smell all that authentic. There is a super easy way to make your own air fresheners. You just need water and essential oils!

Take a small spray bottle and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of essential oil. Shake and then spritz anywhere that needs freshening up.

You can use it in the bathroom, on your linens before going to sleep or on upholstered couches or dog beds. You could even just walk around the house and spray a little bit in each room. It doesn’t matter which scent you use as long as you like it. Lavender is nice to spritz on your bed sheets and stronger oils like euclyptus works well for bathroom smells. Personally I like citrus scents, but whatever floats your boat.

No chemicals, no candles, no weird plug in devices. Just good ol’ essential oils. What home remedies do you use to freshen the air?

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