How to Clean Your Bathroom….While you are Using it.

How to clean your bathroom…while you are using it

Okay, this post may seem really weird to some of you but personally I really don’t like cleaning and I especially don’t like cleaning the bathroom. I always try to come up with ways to make cleaning fun and to turn chores into games and challenges. I started trying something different for cleaning my bathroom which I try to clean once per week. I figured it made sense to clean the bathroom while I am doing daily showering/ tooth brushing routine on  Sundays. Sundays are lazy days for me and I don’t spend time in the bathroom after I shower putting on make up or doing my hair so it makes sense to clean the bathroom since I am in there anyways. Basically I am multitasking. Here’s the routine I started using that has worked out pretty well for me.

First, get a little caddy of cleaning supplies together and keep it under the sink so it’s ready when you are. I have a bucket with a few rags, paper towels, shower cleaner, glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner plus a few extra garbage bags and a scrubber for the shower walls.

Turn on the shower and put the bucket under the faucet and fill it up while you are waiting for the water to get hot. Once the bucket is full pour it into the toilet so that it empties itself and then spray your toilet cleaner into the bowl. Let it sit.

Take the shower head and spray it around the shower walls then spray shower cleaner on the walls. Now this is the part you might find icky but it works for me and if you clean your shower regularily it doesn’t get very dirty- Hop in the shower with your scrubbing sponge and clean it while you are in there cleaning yourself! I use homemade eco friendly shower cleaners so it’s not like I am in a shower steaming myself full of bleach or anything. Just quickly scrub down the walls and faucets and then wash your hair and body. So easy.

Next, after you get out of the shower the rest of the room will be really steamy and it makes cleaning it super easy because all the dirt is loosened up. Dry yourself off and get dressed then spray the mirror with glass cleaner and wipe it clean with a rag.

After that I will brush my teeth. While I am brushing I clear off the counter and wipe everything down with a rag and all purpose spray. Once I am done with my teeth I clean out the sink and wipe down the faucets.

All that is really left is the toilet. A quick scrub with the toilet brush and wipe down the outside with some old rags and that’s done too. Again, if you clean your toilet regularily it won’t get very dirty so it doesn’t bother me that I am cleaning the toilet after I am freshly showered. I also use gloves.

Take a moment to go through the bathroom drawers and toss out any empty bottles or trash in the vanity and then take out the garbage and replace the bag. Then on your way out take the hamper with your towels and other dirty laundry with you.

In our small bathroom there isn’t really room for a laundry hamper. Clothes ofter get thrown on the floor so I figured the easiest way around this is to leave a hamper in the bathtub. It’s out of sight and doesn’t take up room. You just have to remember to take it out of the tub before you turn the shower on 🙂

Each of these steps only adds a few minutes to my routine so by the time I’m showered and dressed in the morning my bathroom is also spic and span!

What tips and tricks do you use to ease the pain of cleaning?

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5 Responses to How to Clean Your Bathroom….While you are Using it.

  1. GOOD IDEA about the hamper in the tub!!! What a great way to {hopefully} remind my kids to PICK UP THEIR DANGED DIRTY CLOTHES OFF THE BATHROOM FLOOR! {Why must we fight this battle DAILY???}


  2. Jessica says:

    I do a version of this, except if you have a dog that sheds (and I do, much as I love him) it is ABSOLUTELY, ALL-CAPS ESSENTIAL to sweep the bathroom before you ever turn on the hot water. If you don't do this important step, the hair sticks to everything in the steam. Any and all dog hair removal must occur pre-shower. Amen.


  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    So when does the bathroom floor get cleaned?


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